we've been around a while. We were established in 1988. we are friendly and client-focussed. We strive for beauty, simplicity and sustainability (which usually amount to the same thing), but of prime importance is what our clients need. We are very approachable and flexible in how we work. we are excellent designers, but we design for people not prizes. We do not have an 'office style'; we investigate clients' requirements and preferences, and the limitations of site and budget, then find the best way to fit these together. We tackle projects of all sorts and sizes: from small domestic extensions to multi-million-pound community facilities. We recognise that even the smallest of projects is a big deal to our clients. We understand the commitment and investment required to fund projects, so we work hard to squeeze the best value out of any budget. we offer good value for money. We offer a free initial consultation for projects either in our office (excellent free trade coffee available), over the phone or at a client's site. We will quote a fee – usually a lump sum if the scope of services required is clear, or a percentage of the cost of building work where the time input required can not easily be estimated. The money spent on our fee is often more than offset by what we can save by clever design and cost control on site. we can run your project from start to finish. To get full value from our skills and experience it is best to involve us as early as possible. We can advise on costs and design and construction issues, and may be able to suggest solutions that are not immediately obvious. We have good working relationships with Local Authority Planners and Building Control and a good track record of obtaining permissions. As well as purely architectural services, on smaller projects we usually also provide the services normally performed by others -  scheduling and cost control (Quantity Surveyor), mechanical and electrical design (M&E Consultant), and simple structural calculations (Structural Engineer). This reduces overall costs for clients. We do know our limits though, and can recommend and advise on the appointment of specialists where required. We usually fulfil the role of Principal Designer (with responsibility to coordinate Health and Safety issues) on all schemes. We can invite and advise on contractor tenders and set up and administer the contract while the building work progresses. We can do all liaison with the builder and make sure everything is done according to the contract. We are also able to produce 3D computer models and displays for presentational purposes in-house. all our work is insured. We carry Professional Indemnity Insurance over and above the RIBA's requirement.