We want to be known as a good architect, a good employer and generally being a force for good. we are environment-friendly. We have always championed sustainable design. Previous (and present) schemes have incorporated rainwater harvesting systems, ground and air-source heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation systems and passive solar and photovoltaic technology as well as Passivhaus standards of construction. This was always a common-sense approach to architecture, but is becoming increasingly essential. we are conservation-minded. In a world with finite resources it usually makes sense to keep and reuse existing buildings where possible, so most of our projects have involved refurbishment and adaptation. Our approach to such projects is always to treat the building with respect. We keep its best features, replace any that have failed, do everything possible to minimise energy-use, and model light and space to reinvigorate it. we are community-minded. Because money is not our prime motivation, much of our work has been for schools and community groups. We have offered services for free to several groups in order to get projects started. We source supplies locally wherever possible. We take at least two work-experience students from local schools each year, some of whom have since gone on to become architects.