The Burton Street Foundation. Sector: Community. Value: £1.2m. Client: The Burton Street Foundation. The Burton Street Foundation was established in a former Board School to provide facilities and activities for disabled members of the public, both children and adults. Our first project for them was to develop the REACT facilities - renovation of part of the Capel building (one of four buildings within the site) with the addition of an external walkway to significantly improve the accessibility and flexibility of the building. Following successful fundraising we then went on to undertake significant maintenance and upgrading works to all buildings on the site, including repairs and double glazing to all the windows and an efficient site-wide heating system. At the same time the damp, cramped undercroft spaces of the Capel and Burton buildings were converted to a light, airy office space and what has become a very popular cafe. The Burton building also gained a new entrance extension and fire exit stairs to match the walkway. A dilapidated covered playspace was re-roofed and enclosed to form a music studio and startup business units which have provided the Foundation with a steady source of income to support their community activities. Lastly, a further space within the Capel building was converted into a Changing Places WC to meet the needs of accompanied adults and older children with severe disabilities. The Burton Street Foundation have been very successful since these projects commenced and grew so busy that by 2014 were looking to expand. They have since significantly increased their size with the addition of the Bamforth building, a former industrial building over the road from their existing complex. We have renovated and adapted this with a large function space, multi-media room, a second Changing Places facility and a 'bungalow' to support people new to independent living.